About us

Cavalcom technology is the green solution for transforming everyday organic waste and existing dumps into green energy source.

Cavalcom was established in 1995 by a group of specialized engineers and Dr. Moshe Tabolsky.

Since the establishment Cavalcom has developed an advanced technology to convert organic materials into electricity, crude oil or syngas and steam. Cavalcom aims to offer its solutions for the disposal of municipal, agricultural and industrial waste.

SGSThe technology used is high temperature pyrolysis that has been tested at the beta site and was recognized as “Green Energy” by the Swiss SGS Laboratory. The ISO 17025 certification of SGS and Cavalcom’s registered and recognized patent demonstrate the quality and reliability of our technology.


Cavalcom’s goal is to provide the necessary components and turn-key solutions for an environment friendly disposal of organic wastes using innovative methods for converting organic material into usable and renewable energy with a faster return of investment.


  • Personal attention to each customer and long-term partnerships
    We manufacture equipment, focusing on the specific requirements of the Buyer (for raw materials, performance, service conditions, etc.) in order to receive a client or as close to what he wants
  • The optimum value for money
    Cavalcom is one of the few companies that owns and patented its own technology therefor we can offer a very competitive price